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Dr. Skyler Hamilton

“The body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs.” 

Mind Body Psychologist 
GI Pyschology Specialist 

Dr. Hamilton is a mind-body psychologist with a deep understanding of how thoughts, feelings and emotions contribute to and exacerbate somatic symptoms . She creates a setting for you to feel safe, heard, and validated, empowering you over your thoughts and emotions... bringing you to a place of peace. 

Specializing in anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, trauma, unhealthy relationships, family issues and adolescents. As well as certain medical issues: GI disorders, gut-brain disorders, migraines, autoimmune/ inflammatory diseases, & thyroid issues using cutting edge, evidenced-based treatments for the mind-body connection.

We all deserve to be heard and validated. What you may be going through, the pain, the struggles, does not have to be done alone. Feeling safe, heard, and validated is the foundation we will work from to bring you peace and to feel balanced.

Brain Body Mind Ven Diagram
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