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Dr. Skyler Hamilton

Dr. Skyler Hamilton


Dr. Skyler Hamilton Ph.D., is a Mind Body Psychologist, specializing in brain-gut disorders and the somatization of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Dr. Hamilton's methods include cutting-edge, evidenced-based techniques including neurolinguistic re-programming, psychoneuroimmunology, hypnosis, meditation, family systems and attachment theories. Her approach is evidenced based but is built upon a genuine, empathic bond. Dr. Hamilton has developed a unique evidence based neuroscience approach for treating inflammatory diseases. Her approach incorporates the power of the mind and Hypnosis for successful management of these extraordinarily difficult cases . 

Dr. Hamilton is a certified clinical hypnotherapist through the Florida Society for Clinical (FSCH) Hypnosis since 2013 and a FSCH Board member on since 2016. Dr. Hamilton is a peer reviewed published researcher on treatment of brain-gut axis disorders with the use of clinical hypnosis.  Her research is also cited in the ROME IV diagnostic manual for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders. Dr. Hamilton is lecturer on the mind-body connection and its impact on certain medical disorders. 

Dr. Hamilton's presentations on this approach to functional GI issues refractory to conventional treatment have been well received.  Groups looking to explore all scientifically grounded alternatives to address this prevalent and problematic issue should be incorporating this into their armamentarium.  

Dr. Hamilton in her free time enjoys time with her family, traveling and spending time at their healing sanctuary on a remote island in Panama.  She is an avid equestrian, enjoying the horse-rider connection.  She practices natural horsemanship and prefers no saddle and no bit, so she and the horse can communicate through energy, breath work and muscle tension. She enjoys ice water exposure therapy to increase her mind body connection/disciple as well as deep water freediving/breath holding and meditation.   Her two teenage children practice mind body connection to help with their academic performance, "success without stress." 

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