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Dr. Hamilton has truly been a God send in my life!! After more than a year of going from specialist to specialist for unsuccessful treatment of a diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, I was having constant pain, fatigue, and anaphylactic symptoms, mainly triggered by food. I was often told nothing was wrong with me and “ it was all in my head” which made me feel powerless and defeated. After just a few weeks of working with Dr. Hamilton I have developed a deep understanding of the mind- body connection and how I have the power to heal myself. I have seen exactly that after a very short period of time! My goal when we first started working together was to return to “ functional “, which has been far surpassed. I can confidently say that I am healthy and thriving! -42 year old female.

At my latest GI doctor’s appointment my doctor told me “Your GI tract is healed”. Words I never thought were possible to hear being how sick I was for years. I went from someone that had a frozen gut response with chronic GI complaints for years (daily nausea, discomfort, constipation, acid reflux, no appetite), you name the GI issue, I had it. I was on multiple diets, was extremely underweight, was recommended a feeding tube, and my whole GI tract was ruining my life. When I began my appointments with Dr. Hamilton, things finally turned around, after constant backwards spiraling of my GI issues. I was never put on a feeding tube, I am no longer on any diets and I eat freely after over 8 years of restrictions, I gained back the weight I lost, my daily chronic symptoms are gone and my GI tract has never felt better in my entire life. The combination of my team of doctors: my GI doctor at APH and Dr. Hamilton, is the sole reason I am cured of all GI issues and am thriving today. I cannot imagine where I’d be without Dr. Hamilton, as she turned my body from intense illness and disease to complete wellness. Dr. Hamilton is humble so know her work is truly heroic and life changing. Dr. Hamilton saved me and gave me the life I have always wanted, optimal health. -22 year old female

I saw 4 neurosurgeons 2 of whom advised me to have (ACDF) and Mobi C surgery and was diagnosed with spondylosis/ DDD/ cervicalgia. The pain was excruciating. I tried one Epidural, 5 facet injections and 1 TPI and was about to have radio frequency procedure. I lost hope and prayed and came across Dr Hamilton who made the process of initiating the care effortless and stress free. Dr Hamilton understood the pain I had but made me focus on the healing . Dr Hamilton is very professional, genuine, humble and truly devotes her self to the cause of seeing her patients reach their goal of being pain free. Her compassion for what she does is beyond what words can express. Her persistent, soft and profound Method of care not only helped me become pain free but made me be more aligned, connected and balanced than I had ever been. Thank you Dr Hamilton. -49 Year Old Male

“Dr Hamilton is a thorough professional, she is brilliant at what she does and has helped so many patients of mine. I send my patients to her with the confidence that they will improve with her care” Dr Shaista Safder Md Arnold Palmer hospital for children center off digestive health

The definition of health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. Doctor Hamilton has helped me to restore my health of body, mind, and spirit. She has not only restored them individually, but taught me how to connect them. The mind-body connection is an essential part of healing. Doctor Hamilton has taught me that the power of the mind is truly unlimited. I was incapable of keeping food down for 3 years. The unknown was accompanied by a multitude of doctor appointments. One doesn’t truly understand the toll that an illness takes on the physical well-being and mental well-being. She helped me to reframe my thinking and introduced me to a completely new perspective. She has guided me and supported me throughout my journey of healing. Doctor Hamilton has not only impacted my health, but my life. I am beyond grateful that God put her in my path. I would never be where I was today if it wasn’t for her selfless teachings. - 16 year old female

Modestly speaking, Dr. Hamilton saved my life. When we first met I quite literally thought I was going to loose my life. My mental health was shot and my entire life was filled with toxicity. This past year working with Dr. Hamilton has been one of the most trying experiences of my life; however, I have rose from it resilient. I have lived though unspeakable things that have, rightfully so, affected the woman that I am today. Allowing Dr. Hamilton to lead me through my healing process has been the single best decision I have made thus far. I cannot express how thankful I am for the time, respect, and knowledge Dr. Hamilton has extended to me. She definitely has the secret sauce. 27yo female

Dr Sky has changed the way I view therapy. With her genuine care and connection, and a compassionate approach to life's challenges, I have been equipped with the tools for true self growth. Tools to reframe the most stubborn habits and negative self beliefs. After years of not connecting with anyone or feeling understood, I am truly thankful for Dr Sky’s true passion for helping people 'level up!'. 37 yo male

Dr. Hamilton is compassionate, kind, empathetic, humble, passionate in helping others heal and become the best version of themselves. She is a great listener and warm in her approach. She is a mentor and she guides you through the difficult times in such a peaceful manner. The tools she has given me in my own healing journey not only have empowered me to become a much more effective and present mom, deepened my emotional connection with my husband, but they are cornerstones that will help me walk my path of life with courage, mindfulness, wisdom and knowledge. Dr. Hamilton truly cares about her patients and it shows. 37 yo female

I’ve been afflicted with a disease and a depilating functional GI disorder. Each doctor I saw had a different opinion that never fit right. Despite seeing the “best” doctors, I continued to grow sicker. As strongly as I know that a miracle could cure me, I was just as strongly prompted that this will be a lifelong struggle for me. As my disease progressed, I felt more and more like something was wrong with me, that I was worthless. That feeling is terrifying because I was raised in faith. I’ve never questioned my worth. My faith faltered alongside my self-worth as I was attacked by thoughts that made me question whether I am worth fixing. This happened gradually, and before I knew it, I was suffocating. I knew something was wrong, and by a divine miracle, I connected with Dr. Hamilton. She is the first person in my life who understood me, and thus, the first person I have been able to trust with this issue. As I’ve explored my mental health with Dr. Hamilton with an earnest desire to heal, I have learned what my disease is. It is neuropsychological (mis)wiring that manifests itself as debilitating physical symptoms. Like a parasite, the disease was ingeniously structured to preserve itself, throwing me in the crossfire of my self-worth. Working with Dr. Hamilton, I feel empowered with the ability to heal myself. The needs of upcoming generations are rapidly changing with this exponentially changing world and, to no fault of their own, parents can’t keep up. This is where Dr. Hamilton has helped me. From this pain, there is now purpose for me. With the help from Dr. Hamilton, I am healing. 17Yo Female

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